Re: [hebrew] Urgent need to access the archives of the Hebrew list

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Aug 05 2003 - 16:05:17 EDT

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    On 03/08/2003 15:14, Peter Kirk wrote:

    > On 31/07/2003 17:07, Sarasvati wrote:
    >> For the archives of this list. Forwarded from the main Unicode list
    >> -- Sarasvati
    > How are these archives accessible? A new list member wants to catch up
    > on the last few days' discussion.
    A second person has independently asked me how to access the archives of
    the newly set up Hebrew Unicode list. It seems that there are many
    people who are used to reading the Unicode list from the archives and
    wish to continue to discuss Hebrew in this way. Please let them and all
    of us know ASAP how to access these archives. If not we will be forced
    to bring the discussion of Hebrew back on to the main Unicode list.

    Peter Kirk

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