Re: Conflicting principles

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed Aug 06 2003 - 17:26:34 EDT

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    John C asked...

    > I would like to ask the old farts^W^Wrespected elders of the UTC
    > which principle they consider more important, abstractly speaking:
    > the principle that combining marks always follow their base characters
    > (a typographical principle), or that text is stored, with a few minor
    > exceptions, in phonetic order (a lexicographical principle).

    The first: combining marks always following base characters. And it isn't
    a typographical principle, it's a programming principle.

    For the notion of "combining marks anywhere nearby" to be workable you
    would need at minimum to have 2 classes of combining marks clearly
    differentiated: those which come before and those which come after. You'd
    have code that now does one-way scanning have to do two-way scanning, etc.
    More properly the ur-principle could be stated as "combining marks must be
    on *one side* of their associated base characters". Either side could
    actually work, if you throw enough baboon colonies at the problem.

    But at this stage in history, over a dozen years into Unicode's plan for
    world domination, it doesn't make sense to open this particular question at
    all. Ever. Except as a research question akin to "which has more inherent
    snazz, Dvorak or QWERTY?"


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