Re: Questions on ZWNBS - for line initial holam plus alef

From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed Aug 06 2003 - 21:22:18 EDT

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    Kenneth Whistler scripsit:

    > D17a Defective combining character sequence: A combining character
    > sequence that does not start with a base character.
    > * Defective combining character sequences occur when a sequence
    > of combining characters appears at the start of a string or
    > follows a control or format character. Such sequences are
    > defective from the point of view of handling of combining
    > marks, but are not ill-formed.
    > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    What, if anything, does the term "ill-formed" mean when attached to
    a sequence of characters? I understood that every sequence of
    characters whatsoever is permitted.

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