Creating fonts for Akan language

Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 03:27:49 EDT

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            Hello all,

            I am new to this list. I have a problem and I was advised to contact this list so that someone could possibly help me. Below is what I need help with:

            Akan is used by about nine (9) million people in Ghana. In 1961, the Bureau of Ghana languages devised a common standard script for all forms of Akan. The Akan alphabet has 22 characters. The alphabet can be viewed from the web site:

            Only the 5th and 15th characters of the Akan alphabet are not in the Basic Latin character set. The Capital form (big letter) of 5th character is in the Latin Extended-B character set with the number 0190.
            The small letter is in the IPA Extensions set with the number 025B.
            I have not found the 15th character in any character set so far.

            My desire is to create (make) a set of fonts for the Akan language for Windows 2000 to begin with. I have been able to create a crude version for my own use but I know that the people of Ghana would be very happy to be able to install a standardized version for their own use. I would also want to eventually map it to a keyboard, probably with extra keys for the two Akan characters.

            My problem is:
            1. How do I set out to create such a font?
            2. How do I use the existing character 0190/025B in such a font?
            3. How do I create and get the 15th character accepted in the Unicode set?

            I would appreciate any help that anyone can give on this.

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