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Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 16:35:14 EDT

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    At 12:55 -0700 2003-08-07, Peter Kirk wrote:

    >Is it a principle of Unicode that a new script should not be encoded
    >because it is one to one correspondence with an existing one, even
    >though there is no graphical relationship?

    No, and we have done so before. Cf. the Brahmic scripts, Coptic, Nuskhuri.

    >Well, that is certainly in conflict with Michael's comments about
    >Aramaic, Samaritan etc.

    No, it isn't. Samaritan isn't used as a cipher of Hebrew. It's used
    as Samaritan. Rosicrucian and a host of other scripts which are
    "just" cyphers for Latin.

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