RE: Display of Isolated Nonspacing Marks (was Re: Questions on ZWNBS...)

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 17:04:56 EDT

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    > Please can you clarify. Is there anything unusual about
    > positioning of nukta,

    No, just another "Philippe mistake"... there are so many :-(

    > or is it just like any other combining character? In a sequence
    > <A, B, nukta, C>, where A, B and C are base characters, where is the
    > nukta located relative to these three base characters?

    It logically and typographically applies to the B. But Indic syllables
    are complicated beasts, and how nuktas affect say, conjunct formation,
    of if it is sensible to put a nukta ((cc 7)) after a dependent vowel (cc
    is unclear to me. (But that has nothing to do with Philippe's mistake.)

            /kent k

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