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    In message <p06001a09bb5880d7bab9@[]> Michael Everson writes:
    Re: Colourful scripts and Aramaic

    This is nearly off topic, but I'd be glad of any clarifications, or
    references that anybody has.

    In message <p06001a03bb5869c752e1@[]> Michael Everson
    wrote in response to Peter Kirk, with a clarification I agree with

    > People. It [Aramaic] is the widespread offshoot used throughout the
    > Middle East that spawned Brahmic and Uighur and other scripts. It
    > isn't necessarily the thing you think is confined to three scraps of
    > papyrus or whatever.

    I'd always been under the impression that the Brahmic script family
    and their offshoots, and the Phoenician script family and their
    offshoots, developed independently of each other, and although links
    between the two families had been suggested by some scholars, many
    other scholars disagreed with this suggestion.

    Are there some articles which show these links reasonably well, and
    if so, which family predated the other?

    Also Uighur script (as in Old Uighur, as in Sogdian) has, as a
    cursive script, a superficial resemblence to Arabic script (an
    offshoot from the Phoenician family) and I imagine that links are
    more easy to show. I've never seen a description of the Sogdian
    alphabet (i.e. I have never come across one): is there a good article
    or URL which illustrates such links?

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