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Date: Fri Aug 08 2003 - 15:16:48 EDT

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    On 07/08/2003 13:57, John Cowan wrote:

    >Kent Karlsson scripsit:
    >>4) Encode the vowel signs as combining characters, after
    >> the base characters they logical follow. Consider them as
    >> "double" [width] combining characters, that happen to
    >> have no "ink" above/below the character they apply to,
    >> but (like double width combining characters) have ink
    >> over/under the glyph for the base character that follows.
    >Cool. ...

    >... But an immediate problem comes to mind: what if there is a
    >line break between the two base characters?
    What if there is a line break between the two characters joined by a
    double width combining character?

    Are arbitrary line breaks in the middle of words actually permitted
    anyway? Presumably any line breaking property of the first base
    character of the pair is cancelled anyway. That leaves a problem only if
    the second base character has a line break before possibility. Well,
    that could just be treated as one of the sequences we were discussing
    yesterday, not illegal Unicode but its rendering is undefined.

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