Re: Newbie Question - what are all those duplicated characters FO R?

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 20:56:42 EDT

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    > Fullwidth characters are used for backward compatibility with CJK
    > character
    > sets, which have a notion of "fullwidth" and "halfwidth" characters.
    > Fullwidth characters are the same width as individual CJK characters and
    > fit into a uniform square grid. They should not be used except for
    > compatibility.

    But note that the notion of "fullwidth" (zenkaku) and "halfwidth" (hankaku)
    in CJK character sets is different from what is called "fullwidth" and
    "halfwidth" in Unicode.

    I think for Japanese Katakana you should use the "fullwidth" (in CJK
    character sets sense) and not the "halfwidth" (in all three senses).

    There was a nice explanation of this by Asmus Freytag on the CD-ROM which
    came with Unicode 3.0
    This is supposed to be online as

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