ADO, SQL-Server and VB6

From: Marc (
Date: Tue Aug 12 2003 - 07:32:09 EDT

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    A customer of ours has a problem with retrieving UCS data from
    Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 using ADO.

    The data is stored correctly in the database. In trying to reproduce his
    problem, I jotted down a minimal Python script to retrieve the data --
    and, indeed, no problem whatsoever to retrieve the data using ADO over
    COM from Python 2.2. Everything as expected, given that COM is based on

    However, transposing the minimal script to Visual Basic 6, our
    customer's programming language, I experience the same issue that he
    gets, namely that VB converts the data to CP 1252. Some characters
    simply get converted to what VB obviously considers a standard fall-back
    (e.g. C with caron is returned as a C), others, e.g. Cyrillic letters,
    are returned as question marks. Since I normally use other programming
    languages, I don't know how to instruct VB to refrain from applying any
    conversions. Any ideas anybody?

    Thanks in advance,


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