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From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed Aug 13 2003 - 16:19:59 EDT

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    > Could you possibly explain to me why these
    > other organizations---IETF and W3-- are
    > apparently concerned about character properties,
    > to the point where apparently they also have
    > a hand in deciding what will happen with
    > Hebrew?
    > For a long time, I thought that the
    > "gatekeepers" were the UTC and the people
    > in Tel there are these others?

    The IETF and the W3C do not care in the least what properties are assigned
    by the Unicode Consortium to any specific character, or what treatment
    is given to any specific script.

    They do care very much that the Unicode Consortium, having made certain
    guarantees of stability (viz. that certain character properties would
    not be changed), abides by those guarantees.

    It's pretty well agreed by those who care that the combining classes of
    Hebrew vowel signs were assigned badly. Unfortunately, nobody pointed
    out the problem (or not forcibly enough) during the period 1991-1999
    when something could have been done about it. It's too late to do
    anything about it now without breaching those guarantees. The Unicode
    Consortium's word is its bond.

    John Cowan
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