Re: Unicode 4.0 is online at last!

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu Aug 14 2003 - 13:43:11 EDT

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    Peter Kirk suggested...

    > Interesting and a little embarrassing that Unicode's own documentation
    > is not Unicode compatible!

    I don't think it's very embarrassing... The Unicode consortium after all
    doesn't produce book editing and typesetting software, we use other
    peoples' software.

    I think it's rather amazing that we can now actually produce a PDF of the
    entire book. This is incredibly better than the situation ten years ago.

    In any case, perhaps you can you suggest a "Unicode conformant" authoring
    tool that is up to the task of editing and typesetting the standard itself?
    It must have at least the capability of Framemaker 6 (i.e., tables,
    figures, sectioning, table-of-contents, index, etc) whilst implementing the
    full standard, including all scripts... Even the ones that would be newly
    defined in the next version... ;-)


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