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Date: Fri Aug 15 2003 - 07:16:11 EDT

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    What's more, in the Isle of Man (which is situated between Britain and
    Ireland) they accept pretty much any currency under the sun. You can pay for
    things in a mixture of pounds sterling, euro, US dollars, whatever. They
    don't care. Shops will just take anything, and if necessary make up an
    exchange rate on the spot. The reason they don't care is because they can
    actually spend this mix anywhere _else_ on the Isle of Man.

    A very enlightened attitude, I find.


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    Not pausing to wonder why on earth this list <> is
    currently discussing my country's currencies, only to wonder if anyone
    here knows whether Ireland is the only EU country which has to use two -
    in Belfast we use Pounds Sterling (), and in Dublin euro (EUR).

    To complicate/simplify matters further: I am recently returned from an
    academic conference in Scotland where I was invited to give a paper, and
    a few days ago just added 10 of my leftover UK currency from that trip
    to a handful of euro to buy something here.

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