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Date: Mon Aug 18 2003 - 13:30:19 EDT

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    John Cowan replied:

    Rick McGowan scripsit:

    >> Which explains to me why a pint of bitter in England seems quite so
    >> enormous... well for a small Yank... ;-)

    >Yup. Hence also the Brit's complaint about the metric system: a liter
    of beer is too much, half a liter isn't enough, but a pint, ah, that's
    just right. The Imperial pint is .57 liters, whereas the Flintstone one
    is only .47 liters.

    That's ridiculous. How can a litre be too much? If anything, it is too little. Witness the DECENT-sized steins in use in Bavaria... (of course, I concede that it is only good if one has DECENT beer, and otherwise probably really is too much.)


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