Re: Hexadecimal never again

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Wed Aug 20 2003 - 11:49:30 EDT

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    On 20/08/2003 06:45, Jon Hanna wrote:

    >... The next base to have that quality is base 256,
    >which would require us to ransack a few different alphabets and then maybe
    >create a few symbols in order for us to represent it.
    No, we could just use Ethiopic. Plenty of characters there. We could
    even put some logic in the system e.g. by use the vowel parts of the
    glyphs to indicate the lower three bits. I'm sure most people would
    learn quickly. And if we used Ethiopic letters to define Unicode symbols
    it might stop some people complaining that Unicode isn't African enough.

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