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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Sat Aug 23 2003 - 20:02:28 EDT

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    I have just uploaded a third draft of my document "Issues in the
    Representation of Pointed Hebrew in Unicode". This time the changes are
    relatively small, mainly some clarification that the various typesetting
    conventions I mentioned are independent. I have also added a couple of
    illustrations which really are from the facsimile of L.

    See for
    the Word document version (782 KB) and for the
    HTML version (252 KB). The Word document version is a more accurate
    reflection of my intentions, and has tooltips to explain the character
    name abbreviations which didn't go across into the HTML version. This
    time there is also a PDF version generated from the Word document, at (260 KB).

    Please read this and comment. See also and compare with Jony Rosenne's
    briefer summary at

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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