RE: [hebrew] Re: Proposed Draft UTR #31 - Syntax Characters

From: Jony Rosenne (
Date: Sun Aug 24 2003 - 01:53:26 EDT

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    When I went to school, in Israel, I learned to write the comma slanting from
    top left to bottom right, although in print it was the other way.

    Only during the discussions in the SII concerning 10646 and Unicode I became
    aware this is not common practice. I went to a library and found that in
    modern manuscripts on display there, about a quarter use this convention.


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    > Jony Rosenne wrote:
    > >Yes, when you design a Hebrew font you could make the
    > punctuation agree
    > >with the Hebrew letters. For example, inverting the comma.
    > >
    > Oddly, I've never seen Hebrew written or printed with a
    > reversed comma
    > (or question mark, unlike Arabic, which does reverse it). I
    > would say
    > this is all the more convenient for Unicode and for font designers,
    > since the "normal" comma and question mark are thus perfectly
    > serviceable for Hebrew.
    > ~mark

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