Malayalam Chill rendering

From: Rajkumar S (
Date: Sun Aug 31 2003 - 13:03:57 EDT

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    I have made a sample page at
    explaining the way, as I understand, the rendering of chill in
    Malayalam. Can please take a look and see if this is the correct
    interpretation of the standards?

    Can chill in Malayalam be considered equivalent of independent half
    forms in other indic languages? As it has no vowel associated with them
    and has an independent glyph associated with them.

    Unicode std says " Five sonorant consonants merge with the virama when
    they appear in syllable-final position". But as I have shown in the
    page, chills can from even if it appears in non-final positions. Is my
    understanding correct?

    If these points are correct, how can they be included in the next
    version of Unicode standards?


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