multilanguage NAME LDAP implementations

From: Wrobel, Charles C (Chuck) (
Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 12:38:24 EDT

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    Is anyone aware of a public multilanguage NAME (cn) LDAP implementation? I'd also appreciate any advice on how to implement a multilingual LDAP directory. I'm only interested in having the ability to store & retrieve a person's name in a non-Latin script and in a Latin Script.

    For example, if the cn & sn used the Latin script

    cn: Honda, Ichiro
    sn: Honda

    it would also be nice to store & retrieve the person's name using a native script such as Japanese. Thus extending the above and adding some made up attributes this might look like

    cn: Susuki, Ichiro
    xcn: ????
    sn: Honda
    xsn: ??


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