Asian character data entry C library needed for embedded system

From: Bruce De Vries (
Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 00:13:13 EDT

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    We are developing a home automation system with a 640 x 480, 6.4", color,
    LCD, touch screen and are looking for a C ++ library to handle data entry
    for Asian languages: Korean, Japanese and Chinese. We already have a
    library that will display Unicoded data. Now we are looking for a way to
    allow the user to enter the data in a manner similar to that used by the
    Microsoft language bar. We already have routines to handle touch screen
    input and displaying a keyboard and have software that works in
    English. We are using a 16 bit microprocessor that is not compatible with
    Windows or Linux (no MMU) and are not currently using an operating system
    though we will consider using one if it gets this problem solved. Please
    send information even if you are not sure they have what we need as they
    may know where I can obtain what I need.. Thank you.

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