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    Hi Anne,

    This is a common problem, which has a solution on two different levels. The
    problem you have would be more succinctly phrased as "Java knows what the
    characters are, but doesn't have a picture of each character to show you.
    You need to supply the 'picture'."

    You have the right solution, which involves the file.

    First there is the problem of what you do when developing the product (so
    you can see that it is working correctly). If you are working on Windows and
    own a copy of MS-Office, the easiest thing to do is install the font "Arial
    Unicode MS" and modify your file appropriately (there are
    other such fonts in the world... I'm sure you can find them if you look, but
    this one is common to have). From that point on you'll be able to see the
    characters in your JTable.

    Secondly is what you do for your end users. You'll have to provide the end
    users with instructions about how to identify appropriate fonts and install
    them into their files.

    Here's how you modify your For each logical font "block",
    you can add the additional font(s) like this:

    dialog.3=MS PMincho,SJIS_CHARSET # example of Japanese font
    dialog.4=Arial Unicode MS #Note the spaces!

    Then you need to add a reference to the font's disk name, like this:

    # Font File Names
    filename.Arial_Unicode_MS=ARIALUNI.TTF # Note the underscores here!

    For some fonts (but not Arial Unicode) you must modify the font converters
    and exclusion ranges:

    # Component Font Character Encodings
    fontcharset.dialog.2=sun.awt.CharToByteSymbol #Mincho is a Shift-JIS font and
    requires conversion. 932 is the Japanese code page.

    # Exclusion Ranges

    When you are done, save the file as "" in your jre/lib
    directory. Now your program should work the way you expect.

    A few more tips:

    1. Be sure your code uses logical fonts (that is,
    dialog/serif/sanserif/monospaced/etc., not

    2. Be careful of bold and italic. Many Asian fonts do not contain a full set
    of glyphs for these styles. You'll have to substitute the plain fonts in
    order to see the characters, but they won't be bold or italic or

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


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    > > Dear Unicode-Team,
    > >
    > > my name is Anne Gleitsmann. My task is to implement a tool in
    > > java that administers different Ressource-Bundles. In my tool
    > > you can choose a master-document and one or more
    > > slave-documents, then follows the data-comparision. The
    > > document is being displayed in JTables.
    > > Now the language-variety has been expanded to include
    > > Japanese and Korean - and that is where my problem is: the
    > > font of these languages is shown as little squares.
    > >
    > > I found the information in the internet that I need to add
    > > the range of those characters to the file -
    > > but how do I do this? Could you help me or give me advise as
    > > to how to do this?
    > >
    > > Thank you!
    > >
    > > Greetings from Germany!
    > >
    > > Sincerely
    > > Anne Gleitsmann
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