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Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 13:23:10 EDT

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    At 08:33 -0700 2003-09-25, John Hudson wrote:

    >Unicode is an encoding standard for text on computers that allows
    >documents in any script and language to be entered, stored, edited
    >and exchanged.

    >>blank stare from layman<<

    >I think it is best to relate the description to what the layman
    >does: he types things, and he edits them and he sends them to other
    >laymen. The 'big font' thing is a really bad idea because it is
    >completely inaccurate: that's not informing the layman in terms he
    >understands, that's misleading him.

    Only if you don't follow it up with a second sentence.

    >I also think it is a good idea to include the word 'encoding',
    >because if the rest of one's description is simple it can be a
    >useful way to plant new terminology in someone's head.

    Honestly it depends what kind of layman you are talking to. Many's
    the time I was beavering away on some proposal or other down the pub,
    and have been accosted with a "what are you doing?"....

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