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From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 14:10:27 EDT

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    Michael Everson wrote:
    > At 08:33 -0700 2003-09-25, John Hudson wrote:
    > >Unicode is an encoding standard for text on computers that allows
    > >documents in any script and language to be entered, stored, edited
    > >and exchanged.
    > >>blank stare from layman<<

    Unicode is a code in which every letter of every alphabet in the world
    corresponds to a number. This numeric code is used to write text inside
    computers, because only can be written numbers inside computers. When the
    computer shows on the screen the text which it has inside, it draws the
    letters corresponding to the Unicode numbers which it has inside.

    My 4 years listened to this explanation and said everything was clear.

    The only problem is that he now wants to disassemble my computer to see the
    numbers it has inside. He thinks that the numbers are stored in the form of
    talking ladybugs which would say out the number when you tip on them (he
    gained this idea from one of his favorite books: "Learn the Numbers with the
    Talking Ladybugs").

    _ Marco

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