RE: Internal Representation of Unicode

From: Jill Ramonsky (
Date: Wed Oct 01 2003 - 04:45:36 CST

Yeah, but dude, wasting time on stupid ideas goes with the territory if
you happen to be a creative genius. Some of your ideas won't work.
Others will be magnificent. I'd put good money on the notion that if
Newton had been prevented from pursuing astrology or numerology, this
restriction would have had serious negative consequences for his genius,
and then maybe we wouldn't have calculus or the laws of motion either.
Creativity is all about playing with your mind, not about playing in a
sandbox. Anyone who doesn't understand that is doomed to constantly
cripple the expression of genius, to the detriment of society as a whole.

I can see why someone would want to make a console or terminal emulator
work with Unicode. I've messed around myself with ideas to make it work
(haven't come up with anything yet though). I say, go for it Johann. If
it turns out to have been a good idea, people will use it. If not, you
will have learned a great deal. It's definitely a no-lose situation.


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> Isaac Newton spent an unconscionable amount of time, by our
standards, messing about with astrology and numerology -- far more than
he ever put into physics or calculus. The "standardization" of science
since his day has helped reduce such effects.

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