Re: Mac fonts

From: John Delacour (JD@BD8.COM)
Date: Wed Oct 01 2003 - 14:37:57 CST

At 8:32 pm +0100 1/10/03, Raymond Mercier wrote:

>Thanks to all who reassure me that TitusCyberbitBasic and Code2000 as I use
>them on my PC can also be used on Mac with OS X. This is really for a
>colleague, who has tried without success to install the Titus font that I
>passed on to her. She tells me she has OS X, and I will just have to discuss
>it further with her.

She simply needs to put the .ttf files in ~/Library/Fonts/ or
/Library/Fonts/ and relaunch any application she wants to use them
in. This goes even for Arial Unicode MS. In MacOS 10.2.8 it is not
necessary even to log out.

The fonts can also be installed under MacOS 8.6+ for use in WorldText
and sadly little else, but they need a little doctoring first and
keyboard resources need also to be installed which differ from the
xml keyboard layouts used in MacOS 10.


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