RE: Unicode Hebrew proposal: nomenclature..

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Fri Oct 03 2003 - 19:01:19 CST

At 04:24 PM 10/3/03 -0700, Peter Constable wrote:
>I don't know that parens in names are acceptable. Also, might it make
>sense to hyphenate the first two words (the first word in the name of
>characters in the Hebrew block doesn't need to be "HEBREW"). Hence,
>HEBREW-BABYLONIAN SIMPLE ATNACH. Or, maybe it's just an ordering thing
>that's striking me as odd: BABYLONIAN HEBREW SIMPLE ATNACH, perhaps?

Parens may not be used this way.

Names are always adjusted in WG2 and UTC. Just propose a name that gives
your best shot, but never expect it to come out verbatim.


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