RE: What things are called (was Non-ascii string processing)

From: Jill Ramonsky (
Date: Tue Oct 07 2003 - 05:35:28 CST

I have invented a new system, Unilib, for organising books in a library.

... Except that you're not allowed to call them "books" any more,
because I've already redefined the word "book" to mean "the physical
expression of a catalogue entry". Since what the user normally
experiences as a book may actually require several catalogue entries, we
can no longer use the word "book" for this object. Consequently, we need
a new word or phrase to describe what the user normally experiences as a
book. We tried calling them "volumes" back in Unilib 3.0, but it turned
out that that word was also used for something else. So now we call them
"default chapter clusters".

Hey - the public will just have to get used to it!



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