IUC25 Call for Papers - March 2003 - Washington, D.C., USA

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Call for Papers! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Twenty-fifth Internationalization and Unicode Conference (IUC25)

     Unicode in Government: Building a Multilingual Infrastructure

                         See Call for Papers at:

                          March 31 - April 2, 2004
                            Washington, D.C., USA

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                     Submissions due: Nov. 14, 2003
                   Notification date: Dec. 5, 2003
                          Papers due: Jan. 9, 2004

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Unicode in Government <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

This conference will focus on solutions that address the language
and multilingual requirements of governments and industries
around the world.

Technologies built on the Unicode Character Standard make it
feasible today to build a multilingual infrastructure that
satisfies these requirements. This conference will examine the
requirements and explore recent advances as well as traditional
best-practices. The Washington DC venue was specifically chosen
to allow discussion and peer networking around the needs of
government including topics such as U.S. Homeland Security, and
the European Union's challenges supporting all its official

The conference web site has more details and numerous example topics:


The Internationalization & Unicode Conference is the premier technical
conference worldwide for both software and Web internationalization.
The conference features tutorials, lectures, and panel discussions that
provide coverage of standards, best practices, and recent advances in the
globalization of software and the Internet. The conference continues to
provide a forum for identifying and discussing new issues in this field.

New technologies, innovative Internet applications, and the
evolving Unicode Standard bring new challenges along with their
new capabilities. This technical conference will explore the
opportunities created by the latest advances, how to leverage
them, and the potential pitfalls. Their impact on business and
the problem areas that need further research will also be
identified. Best practices for designing applications that can
accommodate any language will be demonstrated.

Attendees benefit from the wide range of basic to advanced topics
and the opportunities for dialog and idea exchange with experts
and peers.

We invite you to submit papers on the conference themes or topics
that relate to Unicode or any aspect of software and Web

You can view the programs of previous conferences at:


Conference attendees are generally involved in either the
development and deployment of Unicode software, or the
globalization of software and the Internet. They include
managers, software engineers, testers, systems analysts, program
managers, font designers, graphic designers, content developers,
web designers, web administrators, site coordinators, technical
writers, and product marketing personnel.


The Conference SHOWCASE area is for corporations and individuals
who wish to display and promote their products, technology and/or
services. Every effort will be made to provide maximum exposure,
advertising and traffic.

Exhibit space is limited. For further information or to reserve a
place, please contact Global Meeting Services at


The Unicode Consortium is a non-profit organization dedicated to the
development, maintenance and promotion of The Unicode Standard, a worldwide
character encoding. The Unicode Standard encodes the characters of the
world's principal scripts and languages, and is code-for-code identical to
the international standard ISO/IEC 10646. The Consortium also defines
character properties and algorithms for use in implementations. The
membership base of the Unicode Consortium includes major computer
corporations, software producers, database vendors, research institutions,
international agencies and various user groups.

For further information on the Unicode Standard, visit the Unicode Web site
at http://www.unicode.org or e-mail <info@unicode.org>

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