Nothing at all to do with: Canonical equivalence in rendering: mandatory or recommended?

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Wed Oct 15 2003 - 14:51:25 CST

On 15/10/2003 10:00, John Cowan wrote:

>The W3C recommends, however, that non-normalized input be rejected rather
>than forcibly normalized, on the ground that the supplier of the input
>is not meeting his contract.
This is nothing at all to do with my canonical equivalence question, but
does touch on my other question today about normalisation in XML and
HTML. You told me then that normalisation is not mandatory and so
effectively only recommended. But if a reader is recommended to reject
non-normalised input, the effect is that normalisation is mandated
except for private communication between a group of cooperating
processes. So, while for example I may put a non-normalised text on my
website, it would be rather pointless because any browser following
recommendations would reject my page. Is that correct? Am I in fact
forced to work on the basis that normalisation is mandatory?

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