Re: Beyond 17 planes, was: Java char and Unicode 3.0+

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu Oct 16 2003 - 12:50:22 CST

Before everyone goes jumping off the deep end with wanting to reserve more
space on the BMP for hyper extended surrogates or whatever, can someone
please come up with more than 1 million things that need to be encoded?

Our best estimate, for all of human history, comes in around 250,000. Even
if we included, as characters, lots of stuff that is easily unified with
existing characters, or undeciphered, or just more dingbatty blorts, it
comes up nowhere near a million.

What you see on the roadmap is what we, in over 12 years of searching,
have been able to find. I challenge anyone to come up with enough
legitimate characters (approximately a million of them) that aren't on the
roadmap to fill the 17 planes.


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