RE: Beyond 17 planes, was: Java char and Unicode 3.0+

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Date: Fri Oct 17 2003 - 04:36:40 CST

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> Before everyone goes jumping off the deep end with wanting to
> reserve more
> space on the BMP for hyper extended surrogates or whatever,
> can someone
> please come up with more than 1 million things that need to
> be encoded?

Every script that ever got rejected by the Unicode Consortium.

If we had an infinite codespace, we wouldn't /need/ a private use area.
If a private citizen said "I want some codepoints for some symbols I
just invented for my pet fish" then there would be no problem saying
"Sure thing, dude, you can have all the codepoints between
U+486766107743000 and U+486766107743FFF.

In such a system no application need ever be rejected, for any reason.
Inclusion would be automatic for every submission.

The curious thing is, the codespace wouldn't even need to be THAT BIG.
Even if we assigned 10000 unique symbols to every person currently alive
on the planet, you still wouldn't need more than 48 bits. We may then
consider the codepoints U+000000000000 to U+00000011FFFF as "already
assigned" (to the Unicode Consortium). The rest of the codespace would
be akin to a very large "private use area" - except that it could be
managed without a single conflict.


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