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Date: Fri Oct 17 2003 - 11:41:25 CST

On 17/10/2003 09:12, Nick Nicholas wrote:

> ... or for that matter Meroitic" (since, as Bunz has often argued,
> specialists on ancient languages only ever work in transliteration, so
> the scholarly market won't use them all that much). ...

That is not true of all ancient scripts. Some, like biblical Hebrew, are
still in regular use by specialists as well as non-specialists. And, as
Bunz also argues in,
other ancient scripts, while not much used by specialists for their
actual discussions, are nevertheless used in quite widely in tutorial
materials and in materials prepared for the general public e.g. popular
historical science, enyclopedias etc.

So there is a real need for Unicode to encode and standardise these
ancient scripts - or at least some of them, based on the other criteria
which Bunz explores. Fortunately there is, we have been assured several
times, plenty of room for them, and if we want Klingon etc, in the 17

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