Re: Klingons and their allies - Beyond 17 planes

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Oct 18 2003 - 09:57:22 CST

At 12:26 +1000 2003-10-18, Nick Nicholas wrote:

>If software can't cope with the PUA, that *is* defeating the purpose
>of the PUA (two people can and should be allowed to exchange data in
>it by agreement, they just shouldn't expect everyone else to
>subscribe to that agreement). Unfortunately there's no block of
>codepoints in PUA pushing its incorporation into software, the way
>Cantonese did for the Astral Planes; but it is still a misfeature,
>and it is appropriate for Mark to complain about it.

As far as I understand the problem is one of font only, where an OS
makes assumptions about what font should be displayed when a PUA
character is used.

>Though I think the solution is to fix PUA support, not to bring
>Klingon up to the ISO again...

In time, if Klingon demonstrates actual use, it could be
reconsidered. And I mean in time, and substantial use. But there's
nothing that says that it, or indeed the Phaistos Disc, are banned

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