Re: Klingons and their allies - Beyond 17 planes

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon Oct 20 2003 - 05:43:08 CST

Jill Ramonsky scripsit:

> So, if I have understood this correctly (which is by no means certain),
> these tag characters were added to Unicode in the vague hope that some
> people might one day start using them, or on the off-chance that someone
> might one day need them.


They were added in order to ward off an abuse of UTF-8 by a certain
committee that insisted it needed lightweight language tagging in
a certain computer protocol. The tags were never a "script". Everyone
on the UTC sincerely hopes, I believe, that they never get used at all.
For 99.9% of all use cases, ordinary markup is the Right Thing for
language tagging.

> Alternatively, maybe I've misunderstood and there is, in fact, no such
> requirement that a script appear in published books before it may be
> added to Unicode ... in which case, of course, it cannot be used as an
> argument for the Consortium's rejection of Klingon.

"Books" is an equivoque. Publishing (i.e. distributing to the public)
in some medium of writing is certainly an important factor.

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