Re: Line Separator and Paragraph Separator

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 00:00:08 CST

Jill Ramonsky <Jill dot Ramonsky at Aculab dot com> wrote:

> Are the LS and PS characters actually used in real plain-text
> documents?
> I ask because plain text documents are created by text editors. The
> text editor I happen to use is TextPad (there are hundreds of others,
> and everyone has their favorite). It can save in UTF-8, and so on. But
> it always saves documents with CRLF separating the lines. (It's a
> Windows system).

SC UniPad <> can save any type of Unicode file
(UTF-7/8/16/32, SCSU, or ASCII with \uXXXX escapes) with any type of
line separator (CR and/or LF, or LS). The tricky part is that ASCII
transparency is really the whole reason for UTF-8 to exist, and if you
use LS instead of CR/LF, you don't really have ASCII transparency any

Another point is that the ONE character LS actually uses more bytes in
UTF-8 than the TWO characters CR and LF. I don't know if this fact
actually contributes to the low use of LS in the real world, but it
probably doesn't help.

-Doug Ewell
 Fullerton, California

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