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Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 06:43:43 CST

On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 10:14:22PM +0200,
 Stefan Persson <> wrote
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> >Just wondering if anybody knowss how unicode is on Linux?
> >
> Very good support.

Very optimistic.


1) File names in Unicode: no (well, the Linux kernel is 8-bits clean
so you can always encode in UTF-8, but the kernel does not do any
normalization and the applications do not expect UTF-8, for instance
ls sorts alphabetically but dot not know Unicode sorting).

2) User names: worse since utilities to create an account refuses


3) grep: no Unicode regexp

4) xterm (or similar virtual terminals): No BiDi support at all

5) shells: I'm not aware of any line-editing shell (zsh, tcsh)
that have Unicode character semantics (back-character should move one
character, not one byte)

6) databases: I'm not aware of a free DBMS which has support for
Unicode sorting (SQL's ORDER BY) or regexps (SQL's LIKE).

7) Serious word processing: LaTeX has only very minimum Unicode

Also, many applications (exmh, emacs) are ten times slower when
running in UTF-8 mode.

At the present time, using Unicode on Unix is an act of faith.

> Default charset for recent versions of some popular distributions.

Yes, RedHat changed the default charset to Unicode without thinking
that text files were no longer readable.


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