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Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 12:01:19 CST

I found it very interesting too.

For countries with multiple languages it is only approximate, since there is
little data available. What I had done was to take figures from the World
Factbook as to the percentage of the population speaking a given language, and
then parcel up the GDP (from the World Bank) according to those figures. For
some cases I had to go to other sources, e.g. for India I used

Thus they are rough figures, since different language groups will have unequal
distributions of GDP; and there may be significant multilingual populations.
Still, I think it is close enough to get an useful overall picture.

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> Mark Davis scripsit:
> > BTW, some time ago I had generated a pie chart of world GDP divided up by
> > language.
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> > Someone on this list asked for a copy, so I posted it here in case others
> > find it interesting:
> Cool! How do you account for officially bilingual/multilingual countries?
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