Re: Line Separator and Paragraph Separator

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 13:03:10 CST

On 21/10/2003 08:12, Jill Ramonsky wrote:

> Hmm.
> Well, I can't say I've ever found a use for putting either a C0 or a
> C1 control into a text file, beyond the usual CR, LF and TAB. My code
> also often considers FF to be whitespace, although I've never actually
> (knowingly) encountered it in a real text file.
I just encountered a C0 control in one of John Cowan's always
entertaining signatures, in a plain text e-mail. Well, the source was
actually "Fran=1B)B=E7ois Yergeaus" but the "=1B" is a quoted-printable
encoded form of U+001B. I'm not sure what the display intention was as
Mozilla made no attempt to render it properly.

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