Re: unicode on Linux

From: Stefan Persson (
Date: Thu Oct 23 2003 - 15:07:24 CST

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> I do not agree. It would mean *each* application has to normalize
> because it cannot rely on the kernel. It has huge security
> implications (two file names with the same name in NFC, so visually
> impossible to distinguish, but two different string of code points).

Couldn't this cause problems if copying two files to a floppy on a
system NOT normalising the data (e.g. a customised kernel) with file
names that would, when normalised, be identical and then accessing the
floppy on a system that DOES normalise the data? Then the second system
might think that the two files have the same file name, and wouldn't
know which one you're referring to.


You make two files on system A: "e-acute" and "e combining-acute". You
move the files to system B, which supports normalising, and request file
"e-acute". System B normalises that to "e combining-acute", and might
point to the wrong file. System B thinks that the name of both files is
"e combining-acute", so even if typing "e comibining-acute" it might
sometimes return "e-acute".


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