Re: U+0BA3, U+0BA9

From: Peter Jacobi (
Date: Sat Oct 25 2003 - 05:05:26 CST

Hi Kenneth, All,

Thank you for the quick clarification of matters.

Kenneth Whistler <> wrote:
> U+0BA3 TAMIL LETTER NNA is the retroflex n, usually transliterated
> as n-underdot <U+006E, U+0323>.

which is N UofKöln transliteration, I assume.
> U+0BA9 TAMIL LETTER NNNA is the distinct alveolar n, usually
> transliterated as n-macronbelow <U+006E, U+0331>.

which is n2 UofKöln transliteration, I assume.

> The 10646 naming conventions, which are stuck with A-Z for
> transliteration, generally use doubled letters to indicate
> retroflex consonants, particular for Indic languages. When
> a third distinction needs to be made, as for Tamil, the
> third name occasionally just gets a tripled letter, as is
> the case for U+0BA9.

So, in effect the UNICODE character names attempt to be
a unified transliteration scheme for all languages? Are these
principles laid down somewhere or is this more informal?

> TSCII naming conventions may differ.

I assume the TSCII authors got the UNICODE names mixed up, as
Tamil is not short of differing transliteration scheme already before
seeing the UNICODE one.

Peter Jacobi

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