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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Sat Oct 25 2003 - 10:31:43 CST

On 25/10/2003 09:11, Philippe Verdy wrote:

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>The problem would then be the interoperability of Unicode-compliant
>systems using distinct versions of Unicode (for example between
>XML processors, text editors, input methods, renderers, text
>converters, full text search engines. This may even be critical in
>tools like sorting, in applications that require and expect that their
>input is sorted according to its locale in a predictable way (for
>example in applications using binary searches in sorted lists of
>text items, such as authentication in a list of user names, or
>a filenames index).
I can see that there might be some problems in the changeover phase. But
these are basically the same problems as are present anyway, and at
least putting them into a changeover phase means that they go away
gradually instead of being standardised for ever, or however long
Unicode is planned to survive for.

It isn't a problem for XML etc as in such cases normalisation is
recommended but not required, thankfully. As for requirements that lists
are normalised and sorted, I would consider that a process that makes
assumptions, without checking, about data received from another process
under separate control is a process badly implemented and asking for

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