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From: Sue and Maurice Bauhahn (
Date: Mon Oct 27 2003 - 14:30:11 CST

According to my understanding OpenType fonts for Khmer Unicode are available

Om Mony (
Danh Hong (
Masavang Sean (

These should work in Microsoft Office 2003 on Windows (especially Microsoft
Publisher) for display of Khmer characters because it has the appropriate
usp10.dll (equivalent reordering is not available in Microsoft's software on
Macintosh) and application support.

A Khmer keyboard is not available in MS Office 2003, but it is relatively
easy to create one using Keyman (presumably each font supplier offers that
as well). A narrowly purposed Paratext 6.0 on Windows (Bible translation
software) also supports Khmer Unicode.

Nothing of the sort is available on Macintosh (partly because Mac
applications that support ATSUI appear to be even more rare;-(). Apparently
nothing has been done on Linux/Unix for Khmer Unicode.

Some work has been done to create a Graphite Khmer font (which presumably
would work with the Mozilla browser on Windows).

If others have more details, please let this list know!



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Subject: Unicode support for Khmer

Someone has asked me what is the currently available Unicode support for
Khmer major software products (OpenType fonts, MS Office, Windows, Mac,
browsers and keyboards).

Could someone point me to current material on this topic or -- better --
summarize this support ?

P. A.

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