Re: [hebrew] Re: Hebrew composition model, with cantillation marks

From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed Oct 29 2003 - 12:51:59 CST

At 10:26 AM 10/29/2003, Philippe Verdy wrote:

>In the proposal, the medial meteg is missing, but not the right and
>left meteg, as they are encoded within the same class and their order is
>preserved when attached to a vowel.

It is not missing, per se. It was presumed that the medial meteg would be
the default rendering for <hataf vowel, meteg>, and that this would be
handled at the glyph processing level. SIL's intent was that ZWNJ would be
used to inhibit ligation and force a left meteg. This has a couple of
problems: a) ZWNJ is apparently not intended to be used between combining
marks, and b) the target apps for much of the development in this area (MS
Office) treat ZWNJ between combining marks as an illegal sequence for
Hebrew (but not ZWJ). This is why I opted for <hataf vowel, ZWJ, meteg> for
the medial meteg.

When I say opted, I mean that is what I've done for the first release of
the SBL Hebrew font. I'm more than aware that there are several live issues
in Hebrew text encoding, and that the font and documents made with it may
need to be updated as these issues are resolved. We just couldn't delay
shipping any longer.

John Hudson

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