pronounciation character

From: Bhavin Sanghani (
Date: Wed Oct 29 2003 - 23:05:48 CST

Hi folks,

I m facing one problem to show pronounciation diacritic chars in browser
like double 'o' (decimal value 862)with overbar, reverse 'e' (decimal value
601), 'th' with underline (decimal values 863) etc...etc..

I m giving entity in my xml file with these decimal values (e.g. &#862)
and i convert it to html by applying css and xsl files. Now if proper
unicode font is selected then it shows proper chars otherwise it shows
question mark.

So, following are some queries:

- Without installing font on machine or putting image instead of these
chars there any other solution...??
- What min. specifcation i have to made for diff. browsers(IE and Netscape)
and diff. OS(Windows, MAC,Linux)....

Pls reply soon. Thanx.

-Bhavin Sanghani

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