Re: charset=utf8 and Mac mailers

From: Terje Bless (
Date: Sun Nov 02 2003 - 11:00:40 EST

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    John Delacour <JD@BD8.COM> wrote:

    >Can someone tell me if "utf8" is valid in a charset declaration. I ask
    >because I notice that neither nor Eudora on the Macintosh
    >(MacOS 10.2.8) will recognise it and decode text so sent and will insist
    >on "utf-8" or "UTF-8" in the Content-Type decalration, presumably
    >because the Text Encoding Converter lists only the hyphenated version.

         Name: UTF-8
      MIBenum: 106
       Source: RFC draft-yergeau-rfc2279bis-05.txt
        Alias: None
    ]]] —

    If it is not registered with IANA, it is not a valid value for the «charset»
    parameter to the MIME «Content-Type» header field.

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