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Date: Sun Nov 02 2003 - 18:37:14 EST

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    On 02/11/2003 12:00, Jony Rosenne wrote:

    >I meant the collation order as it applies to Hebrew, of course.
    OK, so you mean not the collation algorithm but the default (DUCET)
    collation data for Hebrew. There are still question marks about the
    adequacy of this data, and there is a clear need for tailoring to meet
    the needs of biblical Hebrew users if the perceived inadequacies are not
    addressed within DUCET. The amended or tailored data may need to
    distinguish between different orders of combining marks e.g. to ensure
    that a spelling check for Yerushala(y)im is not matched by the invalid
    form Yerushali(y)am. This case is not in fact an example of a sequence
    of combining marks in the same class, but it would become such a case
    according to some of the proposals Philippe and I have discussed.
    Currently the only such sequences in Hebrew are sequences of accents and
    so of significance for collation only at the lowest level; that is a
    consequence of the allocation, now generally considered misguided, of
    unique combining classes to the Hebrew vowels.

    Or are you in fact trying to make an argument that these unique
    combining classes are appropriate? I can see the beginnings of an
    argument for the principle of unique classes, but one that makes sense
    only if those classes are chosen according to the logical and typing order.

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