Unicode Collation Algorithm, version 4.0.0

From: Rick McGowan (rick@unicode.org)
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 10:12:49 EST

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    We are pleased to announce the release of the 4.0.0 version of
    Unicode Technical Standard #10: The Unicode Collation Algorithm
    (UCA), which specifies a default sorting order and comparison
    mechanism for all Unicode characters.

    Major changes in this release include:
    - The version of the UCA is now being synchronized with versions
      of the Unicode Standard, so that the repertoire of characters
      will be the same.
    - An extensive new introduction has been added. It discusses
      important concepts that were formerly in Section 5.17 of Unicode
      3.0, but has been completely reworked for clarity and coverage.
    - The Scope section has been recast and is now at the end of
      the introduction.
    - The location of data files has been changed to

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