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Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 14:58:45 EST

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    My company is not the best example here; we're well behind the curve
    when it comes to Unicode, and i18n/L10n generally.

    That said, I think it would be much faster and less error-prone, for a
    company adding Unicode support to a product for the first time, to
    support the entire Unicode range from the outset, rather than supporting
    just the BMP in the alpha stage and then "adding" support for
    supplementary characters. For UTF-8 in particular, I can't imagine why
    one would choose to implement the 1-, 2-, and 3-byte forms in one stage
    and add the 4-byte forms in a later stage.
    The other reason, is untill recently in Unicode 3.1 and 3.2. There are no
    characters defined beyond BMP. Even as today, while there many characters defined
    beyond the BMP in unicode 4.0, the software vendor may not care about those
    market which need those characters any way. In that case, the priority to
    support those are pretty low.

    From my understanding, the only major market which mandate Surrogate support
    is only China. I never heard European, Japanese, or Korean govements mandate
    unicode support beyond BMP. China is the only one which mandate Plan 2 and the
    supprot of surrogate mapping with GB18030 . Have you see any marketing
    requirment from other countries / region require unicode surrogate support?

    I am not saying there are no need in other places. I am saying the surrogate
    support (or the lack of it) in the software do not have huge "commercial"
    impact in other regions.

    If you think Surrogate support is very important. Then IUC25 is a good chance
    for you to talk to "goverment" people. Maybe you should suggest them to put
    surrogate support into a law as what China did in 2000. (not really, they only
    require GB18030 support, but that "imply" Surrogate.)

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