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From: Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin (
Date: Thu Nov 06 2003 - 13:07:50 EST

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    On 2003.10.30, 15:48, Jim Allan <> wrote:

    > I offered a suggestion on cedilla and combining undercomma:
    > One wants to find matches for Romanian and Latvian personal names or
    > place names or individual forms using cedilla or undercomma regardless
    > of the language in which they are embedded.

    All this cedilla vs. undercomma reminds me of something I spotted last
    summer (and will have on photo ASAP): Portuguese roadsigns are usually
    set in a type whose cedilla glyphs are shaped like undercommas (which
    are less frequent than the connecting variant but nonetheless correct).

    A large sign at the main western road access to Miranda do Douro,
    Portugal's northeasternmost city, informs that if you take the road to
    the left out of the next roundabout you will reach the neighboring city

    All this quite OK, but for some weird reason the cedilla was placed
    under the second "a" instead of under the "c". Now the real challenge is
    to try and encode this typo: someone learned in Portuguese would prefer

    0042 0072 0061 0067 0061 0327 006E 0063 0061

    but any other would never know and have it

    0042 0072 0061 0067 0061 0326 006E 0063 0061

    of course the same can be said about any correctly spelt word, but these
    may be checked against a dictionary and corrected -- typoes cannot.

    Anyway -- who ever decided that cedilla and undercomma are different
    things? Do they have different origins? Any language / orthography using
    both distinctly?...

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