Tamil conjunct consonants (was: Encoding Tamil SRI)

From: Peter Jacobi (peter_jacobi@gmx.net)
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 02:09:55 EST

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    Hi James, Michael, Marco, All,

    Thank you for providing the references which seem to settle the
    SRI /SHRI issue:


    Reading the references and James' other reply:

    > Perhaps this could be stated as '... Tamil doesn't form many conjunct
    > consonants'?

    A more general issue asked for attention. See this snippet from N2617:

    > Proposed character SHA may also form various other ligatures in
    > with MA, YA, RA, and VA.
    > However, these ligatures are archaic and are not widely recognized.
    > publications only use disjoint forms.

    So, which codepoint sequence will imply the disjoint form and which will
    the ligated form? If 'Indic unification' still holds, the conjunct form
    always is the
    default and the disjoint form needs ZWNJ.

    IMHO this doesn't fit well actual Tamil use and raises a lot of practical

    Either there must be an accepted list of these ligatures (but lists of
    archaic usage
    tend to grow), or one is bound to put a preemptive ZWNJ after every SHA
    in modern use, to prevent conjunct consonant forming.

    If this archaic ligature problems extends to other grantha consonants, even
    preemptive ZWNJs are necessary for contempary Tamil.

    Peter Jacobi

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